01/05/2012 Zagorodniy wins final stage, Togckler secures overall victory
30/04/2012 Earle bags his second win and Torckler virtually seals overall victory
29/04/2012 Giacoppo lands Genesys Wealth Advisers' second straight victory
28/04/2012 Earle bags deserved victory in stage two
27/04/2012 Magnificent 1-2-3 finish by Pure Black racing opens Tour of Borneo 2012
26/04/2012 Tour of Borneo promises unpredictable challenge
22/04/2012 Sabah team announced for Tour of Borneo and Fan Club launched
19/04/2012 Asia's big names set to light up inaugural Tour of Borneo
19/04/2012 20 pasukan sedia sahut cabaran Jelajah Borneo 2012
19/04/2012 20 teams to compete in Tour of Borneo
19/04/2012 Tour to put Sabah on cycling map
18/04/2012 TYT Negeri Sabah to attend closing ceremory with Tun Dr Mahathir
09/04/2012 Asia's big names set to light uo inaugural Tour of Borneo
31/03/2012 Sabah has high quality composers � Masidi
31/03/2012 20 pasukan sertai Jelajah Borneo 2012 pada 27 April - 1 Mei
31/03/2012 Pertama di Sabah
31/03/2012 Tour of Borneo Next Month
31/03/2012 Lagu tema Tour of Borneo 2012 projek terbaru Nick
31/03/2012 TOB 2012 destinasi pertandingan berprestij dunia
15/11/2011 Tour of Borneo 2012 Official Launching